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Earn More

Britely Denture + Implant Studios Generate 5x the national average in production per Dentist.

Build Wealth

Share in the financial upside due to Britely's unique investment opportunities.

Have Fun

Enjoy your practice by leaving the administrative tasks to the DPO.  Focus on being awesome.

Join the growing group of Dentists opening their own Britely Studio.

Implant focused practices that change lives by offering fixed and removable prosthetics

Britely Practices are owned by General Dentists looking to get the most out of their day while changing the world, one smile at a time.

  • Keep your chairs full and the practice busy with industry leading marketing expertise
  • Own your own practice without the hassle of administrative tasks
  • Find a business partner that will work with you to increase your overall earnings
  • Have true equity in the overall organization and celebrate financial successes with everyone
  • Receive best in class business support in areas such as Accounting, HR, Finance, Real Estate, Recruiting and Administration
  • Join a community of implant focused dentists and receive practical advice and continuing education to advance your surgical skills

Open your own Britely Denture + Implant Studio

Join the growing list of clinically independent dentists who are opening their own Dental Implant focused practice. Britely Denture + Implant Studios produce nearly 5x the national average in production while maintaining a positive work life balance.

If you are ready to take the next step into implant focused dentistry, let's chat!

Take a peak at our national campaign for Britely Denture + Implant studio featuring Bobby. Follow Bobby as he explores his new lease on life all thanks to his Britely Dental Implants.

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Bring your best self to the practice everyday

Clinical Autonomy

One of the biggest perks of owning your own business is clinical independence: working the hours you want while maintaining clinical control.

Quality Patient Care

While we’re taking care of everything on the business end, you’re free to focus your time and energy on providing the highest quality patient care you can.

Work/Life Balance

Less time on administrative tasks means more time for friends and family, and more time for the things you’re passionate about.

"I was able to grow my practice faster than I had imagined. Not having to worry about administrative work allows me to have more control over my schedule."

Tyler Jensen, DDS

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