Is joining a DPO right for you?

If you’re visiting our site, you’re probably considering joining a Dental Partner Organization (or DPO) to benefit your practice. What you might not know is whether or not a DPO is the right choice and right fit for you

What successful affiliation means

Our partner dentists experience benefits from opportunities to invest in growth to a better work life balance. When asked what they value most, answers were consistent across the board.

  1. Ability to get back to what they love about dentistry. Having access to business support like HR, accounting, collections and other operational functions frees up a lot of time to do what you do best: provide excellent patient care. 
  2. A great work and personal life balance. Less time on administrative tasks means more time for friends and family, and more time for the things you’re passionate about.
  3. Autonomy. One of the biggest perks of running your own business is professional independence: working the hours you want while maintaining clinical control.
  4. Opportunities to invest in growth. Partnering with the right DPO can take your office to the next level; getting more out of it than you thought possible. With your best interests in mind, they will support you and your team as you grow toward your goals.

So if you’re ready to think seriously about a partnership with a DPO, look for one compatible with you and your practice. Someone who’s mission and vision will align with yours. Most importantly, a partner who you can work with to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

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