Vista Verde Dental Partners prepares to support Britely Dentures + Implants Studio’s growth.

Vista Verde Group has announced the formation of a new Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) named Vista Verde Dental Partners.  Vista Verde Dental Partners will partner with dentists across the country to deliver convenient, affordable and high-quality implant and denture related dentistry to the communities they serve.  

Dustin Netral will lead Vista Verde Dental Partners and spearhead the growth of Britely as President and CEO while continuing to serve as CEO of 24 Hour Dental Management. 

“Through our Britely Dentures and Implants Studio brand platform, and in partnership with our clinical affiliates, we built out the operational processes to provide an excellent patient experience that delivers results,” he said.  “We are quite pleased with our ability to attract qualified patients looking for dental implant related procedures.  Over the past year we have further refined our marketing approach to ensure that we keep the practices productive by steadily increasing the volume of high quality consultations while improving patient show rates,” said Netral.

Vista Verde Dental Partners eliminated the barriers in access to patient care by providing the resources and expertise necessary to support the business and administrative tasks associated with running a successful implant and denture focused dental practice. With a unique, operationally streamlined approach, Vista Verde Dental Partners leverage the best in technology while partnering dentists enjoy economies of scale.  

Vista Verde Dental Partners supported the opening of its first affiliated Britely Dentures + Implants Studio practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, earlier this year with plans to open a second Arizona location in April of 2021.  An additional 8 Britely offices are planned to open in 2021, bringing the platform to a total of 10 de novo locations within its first 18 months of operation.

Founder and Chairman, Gregg Throgmartin, has a successful track record of supporting new brands for explosive growth through strategic planning and capital management.  “Since our early involvement within the dental industry, we see a significant opportunity for a branded national denture and implant platform that provides a differentiated experience with a high level of service” said Throgmartin.  “Given our deep expertise in patient acquisition, real estate, technology and operational excellence, we provide our partnering dentists with a tremendous amount of value while creating a win-win on the economics,” he said.

As part of a shared commitment to quality patient care, Vista Verde’s unique approach to practice affiliation fosters true partnership, clinical autonomy, equity and the opportunity for better work-life balance. Affiliated doctors enjoy the advantages of a solo practitioner practice without the hassle of non-clinical administrative tasks.


About Vista Verde Dental Partners

Vista Verde Dental Partners is a dental partnership organization founded with a mission to provide high-quality, best-in-class business guidance, resources and relationships so our partners can focus exclusively on their passion of helping patients and delegate the areas of the business that distract from patient care. Vista Verde Dental Partners works with dentists to eliminate the headache of business management to preserve, grow and get more out of their dental practice than they could on their own. 

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